about us

Every decision is a step towards achieving new goals. That is why we assist you through the process, adding our know-how to your experience to obtain outstanding results.


  • Rodrigo Álvarez
    Self-Starter Entrepreneur. With more than 15 years of experience as a consultant, he developed a unique approach to customer bonding. He undertakes every new project with passion, offering his innovative, global and analytical vision. He works to leave his mark.

    Economist (UBA), Master's Degree in Finance (UTDT), Graduate Degree in Advanced Finance (UCA), Financial Advisor (IAEF), Graduate Degree in Real Estate Management (UTDT)


  • Julio Burdman
    Political analyst specialized in geopolitics, Latin American politics and public opinion studies. With more than 20 years of experience as a consultant and advisor to governments, political parties and companies, he works hand in hand with his clients to design, plan and implement political strategies. Great ability to identify risks and opportunities in the institutional environment. His passion is to find creative solutions to problems and remain fully committed to the process until the end.

    Associate Consultant,Bachelor's Degree in Political Science (UBA), PhD in Political Science, major in Comparative Political Sociology (Sciences Po Paris), Professor and Research Scholar.
  • Leonardo Uría
    A leader with a natural capacity to build strong relationships with clients. With a long track record based on over 20 years of experience, he stands out for creating value in investment management. He has worked as a Portfolio Manager and Head of Private Banking operations at Santander Rio Bank. He is responsible for developing our branch network, bringing his business vision, his vocation to customer service excellence and his experience in the creation of tailor-made investment solutions for companies and individuals.

    Commercial Director - Mar del Plata,Bachelor's Degree in Marketing (USAL),Master's Degree in Finance (UTDT)
  • Ariel Venneri
    Strongly oriented to effective team building and negotiation, Ariel has more than 20 years of experience in corporate finance as well as in business development and M&A, both as an executive for major holding companies and as a project developer. He brings to Analytica team his networking skills and experience in valuation, strategic business analysis and search for funding .

    Associate Consultant, Public Accountant (UBA), Master's Degree in Taxation (UBA), Magister in Corporate Finance (UCEMA)
  • Lic. Marco Alvarez Litre
    A leader with an innovative spirit. He addresses every opportunity as a challenge that he undertakes with responsibility, commitment and attention to detail. He held various positions in the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, leading projects and coordinating work teams. As a Regional Manager, he provides his strategic vision to boost the growth of our clients.

    Manager – Neuquén, Bachelor's Degree in International Relations (USAL), Graduate Degree in Business Management (UADE), Financial Advisor (IAEF)


  • Troncoso Gonzalo Ezequiel
    Business Developer, expert in building strong links with clients. He is experienced in providing solutions through financial products. With a career as a commercial advisor, he is well-positioned to adapt to market challenges. He has held various commercial management positions in different leading companies.

    Commercial Executive – Neuquén, Technical Degree in Labor Relations (UBA)
  • Santiago Gambaro
    Economist with comprehensive analytical skills and a solid understanding of economic variables. He stands out for his curiosity and vocation to address new challenges. He offers a different perspective thanks to his background in public management as Economic Analyst in the national Ministry of Finance. He works steadily with a commitment to rigor in analysis and macroeconomic projection.

    Economist, Economic Analyst – (USAL)
  • Matías Monge
    Líder con iniciativa para la generación y desarrollo de negocios. Posee una trayectoria de más de diez años en empresas de primera línea en la industria financiera. Combina su amplia red de contactos calificados con su capacidad para llegar a cada cliente con soluciones de valor

    Responsable de la Sucursal - Bahía Blanca.
  • Florencia Dello Russo
    Enthusiastic and proactive professional. Florencia is focused on producing effective results through her interpersonal relationships skills. She strikes a balance between boldness and pragmatism that is highly appreciated by our clients. She puts forward tailor-made investment solutions.

    Commercial Executive – Bahía Blanca, Bachelor's Degree in Administration (UNS)
  • Luciano Giometti
    Commercial Executive with strong relationships skills. He has extensive commercial experience in real estate. He approaches clients with cordiality and commitment to offer custom investment opportunities.

    Commercial Executive – Mar del Plata, Bachelor's Degree in Marketing (USAL)
  • Alfredo Boly
    Entrepreneur with a strong professional experience in the financial system. He developed a select contact network from his experience managing leading banking and telco companies. He contributes his relationships skills and business vision to identify custom financial solutions.

    Commercial Executive – Mar del Plata, Economist (USAL)
  • Emmanuel Cueto
    Executive specialized in administrative management and back office. He offers his commitment and responsibility to handle the relationship between our clients and the company.

    Office Manager